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Navigating the Schedule of Sessions 

 IMAGE 1: Options for using the schedule of sessions include: 1. Changing the timezone that the program appears in. You can do this by selecting "Change" next to "Times are displayed in...". 2. Using the search box to look up presentations and sessions by keyword of name. Be sure to select see results from all days to search the entire program 3. Sort the program using the additional checkbox fields of Session Type, 2023 Annual Meeting Theme, Curated Track, Sponsor Group, Recording Status, Hybrid Session. 



IMAGE 2: Additional options for utilizing the schedule of sessions include: 1. Viewing sessions on a particular day be selecting the day of the week in the header or using the drop down to select a specific day. 2. Select the star next to the session title to save it to your favorites and/or click the calendar type below the session title to add the session to your personal calendar. 3. Click "View Session" to go to the session details page where you can read more about the session, access the live session, or view a session recording. 



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