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Submit your Session

AAG accepts all submitted sessions that adhere to the guidelines in the session types listed below. Note that all virtual sessions will take place in a Zoom meeting room. Hybrid and streamed sessions will take place in a physical room and a Zoom meeting room. 

To submit a session, navigate to the link in the dropdown menu above. Fill in your session details and add your call for participation if you are looking for abstracts or panelists. Proceed through the submission process and add any specialty group sponsors, your session organizers, chairs, and any non-presenting participants such as introducers, panelists, and discussants.  

Select “Save and Set Agenda”. Your session has now been added to the session gallery, but you’ll need to add any presenters (session participants with an abstract submission) to your session. To add presenters, you will need to know their abstract codes which are emailed to presenters after they submit.  

On the Agenda page, you will be able to enter the abstract code for each of your presenters. Entering the abstract code will populate the abstract below and you’ll then use the link associated with the abstract to assign it to your session. Repeat this for each of your presenters. During this process, you will be able to adjust the assigned time for your presenters. Note that your total time cannot exceed the session allotment of 80 minutes. Once you are ready to complete your session, you may select finalize my session. Note that this step is not required and once a session is finalized it will no longer be able to be edited.  

Please contact meeting@aag.org with any questions or concerns.